manilapp-profilepic_150According to 2016 statistics, Manila is the 5th largest city in the world.  We also think it is one of the most exciting and dynamic cities on the planet.  But the place is so huge, so diverse that it is difficult to fully comprehend.

Manila: People & Places was launched on 10 January 2017, with a presence on YouTube and Facebook, as well as on this website.  Our intention is to post every week a new video, featuring a different person, in a different location, each time.  We will not be seeking out celebrities or political figures.  Instead, we will focus on ordinary people living ordinary lives — but finding in the ordinary an extraordinary richness of life possible here in Manila.

We are tired and fed up with the “bad news” that fills up mainstream media.  We believe that daily life is instead full of “good news,” largely ignored by the media.  We modestly will try to fill that void.

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