My most eagerly-awaited email each week is the newsletter from  Listed in the newsletter are quite a few in-depth articles on its website, mostly focused on some aspect of Manila.  Click on the article title to go direct to the website. The site covers these areas:

  • Eat & Drink
  • News & Features
  • Arts & Culture
  • Entertainment
  • Things To Do
  • Shopping & Services

Actually the website is worth visiting every day, because it often features one-day-only sales that one needs to jump on right away.

The site is full of Top Ten Lists.  I especially like the lists covering various aspects about food, like the Top Ten Burgers [I have now tried four of them!], Top Ten Nachos, Top Ten Steak Houses, etc.  It amazes me how Spot’s team covers ALL of Metro Manila, even out into the suburbs.  And I often find myself driving across town to check out the Number One this or that.

I also maintain a personal database, with copies on my desktop computer and also on my smartphone.  There, I keep lists of new restaurants to try out, gyms to look into.  I even have a list of restaurants categorized by location in Manila.  It is my go-to list whenever I get hungry when I am out somewhere.  And I gather my information from the Thursday food sections of the local newspapers, but especially from

Personally I find the site, and its weekly newsletter, highly entertaining and informative.  I think it is essential for anyone living or visiting in Manila  to subscribe to the newsletter, which reminds one to check out the website at least once a week.  Spot is not just for the afflulent.  I learned just today, for example, that Jolibee has just added a new burger steak with peppery cream sauce to its local offerings — and I will certainly check that out before the week is over. is maintained by Summit Media, the major magazine publisher has has an international portfolio of magazine brands.

QUESTION:  What are your favorite sources of information about places to go and things to do in Manila?  Please tell us in the Comments below.