Like so many people, Felice Sta. Maria found her way to becoming the nation’s leading food historian [hmmm, are there any others?] in a most unexpected way.  Starting with an invitation to write for a women’s magazine in 1975, Felice began spending time at the Lopez Museum and Library, then located in Pasay, searching for material for her columns.  By the early 1990’s, she was already fully committed to serious study of Philippine heritage and culture.

Through her study, she has gained significant insights into the long heritage of filipino love of food and hospitality.  In our conversation, we meet an amazing, dedicated individual who has lots to share.  This delicious chat at the library’s current location in Ortigas is truly inspiring.

Her work has led to appointment to many important positions promoting Philippine culture.   She has also published several important books.  She’s a true leader.  Read more detailed information in the description accompanying the video.