CHECK OUT an alphabetical listing of all of the places we have visited since our launch in mid-January 2017.  A click on the name will take your to our video conversation.

We talk with a different person each week, always in a different location.  Our objective is to visit as many interesting places arounjd Manila as we can, while   talking with people who can shed light on the vast opportunities available in Manila.  These are places you to can easily visit, adding more interest and excitement to your life in Manila.

We visit a very wide variety of places, from national monuments to laumdramats.  You will never know where we will turn  up next.

If you know an interesting or unusual place we should visit, please drop us an mail at:  Explain to us why this place will be a good subject for coverage.


leobrera1_120GIBSON GUITAR STORE:  Gibson Guitar Asia chose Bleu Rascals frontman 23-year-old Paul Marney Leobrera to be its brand ambassador in the Philippines.  We talk with Paul about his childhood bullying, his discovery of blues guitar and his extraordinary success.


obana-thumbnail_120LEGASPI SUNDAY MARKET:  This weekly weekend market is very popular.  Open from 7 am to 2 pm, it features many concessionaires selling food, crafts, vinyl records, clothes.  And parking is easy.  In this episode, we chat with food concessionaire/musician extraordinaire Bennii Obaña.